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Face Book Box | Corraini Edizioni
In 2014, Corraini published “Face to Face book”, a book that proposes a situation in which two people sit face to face and draw their faces to each other simultaneously. Once the book is complete, on one side, you have drawn all your friends, and on the other side you are drawn by your friends, the back cover is a self-portrait. Face, as an element of identity and as a form of exploration and projection of the self, expands in two more books compiled in the FACE BOOK BOX, the trilogy. Published by Corraini Edizioni. The new two books of the trilogy are the Selfie book, a book in which you draw your face yourself and the Fake Face Book in which you draw another face that you put on and with it you try new identities. The trilogy allows children and adolescents to understand identity as a concept and the importance of identity in relation to the face when using social networks.

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Photo Inga Knőlke 2019

face book box