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Stone Letter Project crate | Barcelona-Osaka
At the beginning of 2019 Junji Sakai offered me the possibility of doing a lithography on a limestone base, it was my first lithography and I repeated the experience a second time with two new lithographs in smaller format. At the end of his Stone Letter Project, Junji Sakai made another proposal, also new to me, to make a box to store the lithography collection he had made in the framework of the project and in collaboration with artists. The box formally reminds of a stone with blunt edges and gray color, on its periphery white bands allow the registration of actions or list the content in the form of text or handwritten drawing.

Edition of 3
Dimensions are 650x550x55mm
Fabrics, cardboard and Arches engraving paper
Produced by Poncho Martínez | Deep Edicions Barcelona

Photo Inga Knölke 2019

stone letter project crate