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Label for Classic Mead | Els Cingles | Calldetenes

Mead is a type of proto-wine made from the fermentation of honey and water with an alcoholic content of around 12% and a sweet, honey-like taste. Simeó Parareda is a beekeeper and producer of the Els Cingles (The Escarpments) brand of mead. We collaborated previously on the #13 Hidromel Factory, which formed part of the exhibition Park Life in the Centre d’Art la Panera in Lleida in 2009. The exhibited piece was used to create 50 bottles of mead within the museum throughout the duration of the exhibition, using the museum as a free port to avoid regulations restricting the production of alcoholic beverages. This label is for the normal range of Els Cingles mead. It depicts a bear in a state of sexual arousal chasing a naked woman who holds a beehive protectively in her arms, even as a swarm of bees leaves the hive and prepares to attack the bear. This circle of ambiguous attractions, attacks and defenses is for individual interpretation. The Classic Els Cingles Mead, as well as the mead with spices and the mead with hemp, can be tasted or purchased at the Ex-Designer Project Bar. Clients can likewise try Els Cingles’ mead vinegar, on locally made Morro Fi potato chips.

Photo Inga Knölke 2020