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Ex-Designer Project Bar On Tour | Ex-Designer Project Bar | Barcelona

The printing process of the interior of the Ex-Designer Project Bar was completed last February 2020. It had functioned as a working bar for over five years while simultaneously printing itself. A launch party was impossible due to the spread of COVID-19 and since then, the bar has been closed. An inauguration is forthcoming.

Transportable canvas as a base for painting was invented during the Renaissance. Ezra Pound believed it represented the beginning of capitalism and the democratization of the art world. Paintings, which had once been painted on walls and were thus connected to a building itself became, with canvas, easy to transport and relocate. They could therefore be more easily traded and sold.

In colonial times, the plundering of works of art by European countries, specifically architectural monuments, consisted of their extraction, transport and relocation to European museum rooms for their protection and exhibition.

The Ex-Designer Project Bar will be disassembled and rebuilt piece by piece into a self-supporting structure that will allow its mobility and display, decontextualized from the current location of Carrer Entenša 3 in Barcelona.

With this process, the Ex-Designer Project Bar interior becomes the Ex-Designer Project Bar object.