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07 | 2021 Concept Diagram | >Play Museum | Schmuck2 | Retschow

>Play Museum Diagram of the >Play Museum concept commissioned by Schmuck2 / Susan Pietzsch
> Play Museum proposes the museum as an argument, with an architecture made of theory: flexible, volatile, undulating and capable of sheltering, hosting and generating content to put it into reality.
The diagram shows a step-by-step dynamic management of actions defining the areas of performance and influence, with the intention of promoting architecture and jewelry in a critical and speculative setting to generate working models. In the pages of the book >Play Museum, an initial drawing advances towards a diagram and ends up as a map of the museum on a picnic blanket.
>Play Museum, diagram of the concept in an 11x18 booklet and a picnic blanket Im Park des alten. Gutshofes Glashagen und am Hochsitz. Glashagen Hof, Retschow

Photo Inga Knölke 2021