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Casa Mondo: FOOD | Book | Corraini Edizioni | Mantova

Book from the collection Unevaluated Essays. The global pandemic has drastically changed our day-to-day reality. These developments coincide with what could be considered the true change of the century, an occurrence which always takes place 20-25 years after the beginning of the new century is officially marked. Casa Mondo: Food by Martí Guixé is a fictional essay on what twenty-first century food is and what it represents.

Casa Mondo: Food is based on diagrams and texts commissioned by Domitilla Dardi and Elena Tinacci for the project “Casa Mondo,” the first virtual exhibition at the MAXXI in Rome. The content was prepared to be published on an Instagram account that would be the format of the exhibition. @maxxicasamondo can still be consulted online. The diagrams were square format and the texts were short and forceful to facilitate an Instagram-like viewing and reading experience. This content was later published in Italian in “Food&Wine” magazine. Now in book format, the texts have been revised and expanded and the diagrams have been redrawn.

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