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Guixé Zero Digital | Exhibition | 121 Libreria ExTemporanea | Corraini | Milan

Zero Digital, Corraini Signature Guixé
Three points are the basis of the exhibition: that Corraini has been in Milan for 10 years, that a book is an object, and that Corraini = books.
We are entering an era of disorder, where objects are destined to have the status of sketches, models or prototypes, but never of finished things. Guixé Zero Digital proposes an unfinished installation in the form of a bookshop that sells only books by Martí Guixé, including those by publishers other than Corraini.
This selection of books includes the Ghost Publishers project (link). Guixé Zero Digital also sets up a speakeasy bookshop with the books from the 121 Corraini bookstore.