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Social Warming | 28 Posti | Milan

Cooking is a political act that is poorly communicated. Nobody likes to be lectured and too many explanations in parallel hinder communication. Social Warming is a five-course meal that arrives in conjunction with a series of objects that unconsciously communicate ideas, comment on values or propose alternative visions and perceptions related to the cuisine of Marco Ambrosino, chef at the restaurant 28 Posti. A non-functional but communicative object accompanies each dish on the tasting menu, and through its mere presence on the table serves to generate curiosity. The inclusion of these “speaking objects” extends the simple ingestion of a meal in an entertaining way and allows it to please the senses while giving free rein to ideas, ideologies and politics.
Social Warming is a project done with students of the Master in Food Design And Innovation at the SPD, Scuola Politecnica di Design.

Social Warming
3-12 settembre 2021

28 Posti
Vis Corsico 1

Solo cena
Menu da 5-8-10 portate

28 posti
tel 02-8392377