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Porró Masterclass | Martí Guixé + Joan Asens | Addend | La Morera de Montsant

A glass “porró” not only contains the basic parameters of classical industrial design, rational, ergonomic and economic of resources; it also highlights concepts such as the idea of socialization, of the personalization of the object, the use of shared objects, ecology and choreography as an experience.
On the other hand, the porró is an unusual item and not intuitive to use. It can be inaccesible and requires instructions for first-time users, like so many of my designs. :-(
Over the years the porró has been relegated to an element of Catalan rural folklore. Yet it also fits perfectly into the context and ideology of Food Design, and in a global and universal Project, as well as outside the scope of gastronomy, whether standard, recreational, creative or molecular. The porró, like wine, can be simultaneously global and local.
The Porró Masterclass approaches this iconic object in the present day, in the context of Food Design, and with the collaboration of Montsant wines.

Porró Masterclass
Martí Guixé + Joan Asens (Orto Vins)
October 30 at 11am
Addend La Morera de Montsant

Attendance must be confirmed. Places are limited.

3D Printed Porró in PLA. Prototype
Photo Inga Knölke 2021