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In 1860, the masterplan for the City of Barcelona, designed by engineer Ildefons CerdÓ, was rolled out. It placed the centre of the city in Plaša de les Gl˛ries. In 2013 I spoke to architect ElÝas Torres, who explained his own Project for this square, which has never managed to take its place as a vital mid-point of the city. He drew Barcelona on a napkin in a tapas bar, reducing it to essential lines, ignoring the sea and redefining the parameters to perfect it as a geometric model. I later used a redesign of this drawing for the t-shirts of the Ex-Designer Project Bar. But thereĺs a twist: in the new design, the centre of the city is not Plaša de les Gl˛ries but the location of the bar itself. Eventually, the idea of the urban ideogram came to define my ôCityDiariesö collection for Palomar, where eleven cities have been reduced to their representative and identifying lines. The collection features Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

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Barcelona CityDiary
Photo Inga Kn÷lke 2021