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Artifacts of the Ex-Designer Project Bar at Intermezzo | PalaisPopulaire | Berlin

Martí Guixé has given himself many names, such as “Permanent Tourist” and “Ex-Designer.” His work dispenses with the notion of design according to which a designer merely gives a different shape or “style” to an existing product. Rather, he sees design as a platform for interrogating, visualizing, and influencing human behavior. His questions focus on patterns of information and commodity exchange. Guixé’s publications and objects have dealt primarily with food and gastronomy as a space (of exchange).

Since 2015, Guixé has been running his own gastronomic project in Barcelona, the Ex-Designer Project Bar. The bar started as an empty room with three 3D printers. Over the next five years, the entire interior—from the wall tiles to the tableware and glasses—was created using these three printers. In 2020, the bar, which had just been fully printed, had to close due to the pandemic. Intermezzo shows for the first time artifacts of the Ex-Designer Project Bar in Berlin.

March 17 -April 19
ShopPopulaire im PalaisPopulaire
Unter den Linden 5
10117 Berlin

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