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SPAMT25YFDNFT | NFT Release | Galeria H2O Barcelona

Food Design is born and grows contextualized in the digital world.

TheáSPAMT (1997) is the redesign of the traditional Catalan bread with tomato, which transformed into an edible object is thought and designed to be eaten in front of a computer screen. The popularization in the 90's of the Personal Computer, even with very bulky screens and huge keyboards, builds new attitudes that force us to adapt the traditional to a new lifestyle. The new design therefore has to defineáthe changes needed in a new world that begins to be filled with technology, the digital era just at that time had begun to democratize. Bread with tomato was no longer the typical and traditional, but the universal and transnational, the SPAMT. The design project, in this case food design, made it possible.

WitháSPAMT Karaokeá(2000) the collaborative economy is anticipated. By means of a virtual instruction that helps and makes accessible to anyone the production of a SPAMT, the frontier that existed in the pre-digital era between the manufacturer and the consumer, with the SPAMT Karaoke disappears, all are producers and consumers. However, 20 years later this same Spamt goes digital,áDigitalSPAMTá(2017) is printed with 3D printing technologies. It is no longer a manual manufacture with a chain, emulating an industrial factory (Spamt Factory 1997) but with the three-dimensional drawing of the object and an additive printer with the information and ingredients that materializes the design.

Spamt becomes NFT with a series of 56 digital pieces commemorating the 25th anniversary and celebrating the relentless advancement of our lifestyle change thanks to digital and Food Design


Galeria H2O Barcelona
Verdi 152
Friday 17.06 18:00-21.00h