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Food Age. Food as Influencer | Exhibition Opening | 31.03 | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome

Food Age. Food as Influencer displaces and disconnects food from its natural environment — the private environment, where food is real, edible and part of everyday life — to relocate it in the public sphere (the museum) as a non-edible and non-conventional piece. Once reconfigured as a prop, food becomes a model for the representation of possibilities. In this realm, stripped of its basic nutritional or experiential functions, food can be activated as an influencer and be able to change our daily routines by acting through stimulating possibilities in the space between the real and our imagination.

Food Age. Food as Influencer is the third exhibition in a trilogy that began with On Flower Power (2019) whose concept was based on the impossibility of incorporating empathy into artificial intelligence and was represented through the display of flower vases. Intertwingled (2022) was the second exhibition. The term “intertwingled” was coined by Ted Nelson in 1960 to define the complexity, changeability and indeterminacy of hypertexts running on connecting computers. The exhibition puts forward a vision of our globally interconnected world using the carpet as a metaphor and also as an interface that demonstrates and codifies a hidden complexity.

Food Age. Food as Influencer Featured Artist:
Marina Abramovic, Ferran Adrià, Sonja Alhäuser, Vanessa Beecroft, Barbara Bloom, Fortunato Depero, Antje Dorn, Masanobu Fukuoka, Zhanna Kadyrova, Laura Letinsky, Pau McCarthy, Piero Manzoni, Enzo Mari, Miralda, Agnieska Polska, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Raquel Quevedo, Rachel Rose, Johanna Schmeer, Ansgar Skiba, Transatlantic, Francesco Garnier Valetti, Ruben Verdú, Wang and Soderstrom, Christopher Williams, Erwin Wurm.
From the museum collection:
Luigi Aversano, Guido Canali, Bruno Cassinari, Felice Casorati, Pino Casarini, Pietro Chiesa, Primo Conti, Pietro Galli, Franco Gentilini, Beppe Guzzi, Humphrey Jennings, Mario Mafai, Roberto Melli, Francesco Menzio, Giorgio Morandi, Giovanni Omiccioli, Pino Pascali, Filippo de Pisis, Bruno Saetti, Fiorenzo Tomea, Domenico Varagnolo, Giuseppe Vedova, Giuseppe Viviani.

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Food Age. Food as Influencer. A catalogue will be published
On Flower Power Catalogue
Intertwingled Catalogue

Food Age. Food as Influencer
La Galleria Nazionale - Rome