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Food Age. Food as Influencer | Exhibition | 31.03 - 28.05.2023 | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome

Food Age. Food as an Influencer is the third exhibition we have curated in a trilogy that began with On Flower Power (2019), whose concept was based on the impossibility of incorporating empathy into artificial intelligence and was represented through the display of flower vases. Intertwingled (2022) was the second exhibition. The term "intertwingled" was coined by Ted Nelson in 1960 to define the complexity, changeability, and indeterminacy of hypertexts running on connecting computers. The exhibition puts forward a vision of our globally interconnected world using the carpet as a metaphor and also as an interface that demonstrates and codifies a hidden complexity.

The three exhibitions connect art, craft, and design in an associative way under a concept that constitutes an essay.

Food Age: Food as Influencer is the current exhibition.

The extreme digitalization of our environment, in order to functionalize it, indirectly promotes food as the last real object which, displaced from its primary function, is redefined as an object of representation of matter and the real world in the age of the virtual.

The anticipation of the viewer from the title of the exhibition, Food Age: Food as Influencer, is to encounter food. The actual space in the exhibition shows works that in some cases have no relation to food.
The expectation of finding food and the reality that there is no food creates a space for fiction.

The proposal is based on fiction and remains fiction. The opposite of fiction is non-fiction and not reality or truth. In this space for fiction, the works are perceived as "props."

"What is a prop?" Kendall L. Walton describes props as vehicles for imagining; they create fiction.

In the exhibition, we have one real food item, three artists with work made with edible material, 16 artists where food is represented or quoted in their work, and 11 artists whose work has no relation to the theme of food. These decontextualized works promote fiction.

Martí Guixé, Inga Knölke 2023

Food Age. Food as Influencer. A catalogue will be published
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Food Age. Food as Influencer
La Galleria Nazionale - Rome
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Exhibition view
Photo Inga Knölke 2023