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"People kick themselves for not having tried..." (Cantona) Martí Guixé comes from the background of every good designer, with an academic curriculum to his credit and work done with famous firms. But as revolutionaries today are born within the institutions that trained them, he revolutionizes design by working on living matter, that can be transformed and decomposed, hybridizing such areas as anthropology, humour, gastronomy, typography, the human sciences, exact sciences, performance, design. He analyses situations, behaviour and gestures and proposes radically effective solutions with minimal ergonomics, liberated from the image of an idealized body where technocratic perspective tried to create the right form. As a visionary he transforms things with his eyes that observe them and invents the indispensable commodities of the twenty-first century. Martí Guixé's world is made of compact, effective objects going from the eye to the hand to the mouth; reassuring and metaphysical, to dream with a world with eyes gazing into the sky or to placate anguish, suitable for the thirsty and the hedonist, for TV football fans or for imitators of Calvino's rampant baron; and also when they are designed for the fishes that link us to the origins, when fishes talked and fulfilled men's desires. Guixé has listened to the fishes, he is like Cantona, the football star turned actor who does a TV spot against racism: both know how to act in that terrible cross that starts diagonally and goes beyond the limits of the field.

Brigitte Rambaud and Medamothi-Artistic Cockpit Published on DOMUS Magazine 799 (December 1997)