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Fish Futures | Galeria H2O Barcelona | 1998

Fish Futures/Martí Guixé Galería H2O June 1998 Series of design objects for aquariums. Aquariums create a world of make-believe which stems directly from the imagination of the user. Strangely, the world always ends up being a stage, often Kitsch, made up of strange elements which have nothing to do with the fish living in the environment. It is in this mental construction which is established between the mini world of the fish tank and the imagination of the aquarium keeper, where these objects for fish work. Simple elements, correctly arranged, with solid shapes and concrete purposes, create situations which bring a new dimension, closer to reality, to the artificial environment of the fish. These objects are based on interaction or function, shunning decorative purposes. They are mini elements in which the fish can go in, go out, go up, activate, move, eat, understand and discover. From: A feeding area, a system to travel in hostile areas, a chill out zone, an oxygenation area, theme parks, optional, a system that permits viewing of the surface from above, etc. The H2O room exhibits these objects, each in a fish tank with a fish playing the role of the inhabitant. There are 13 objects in all

Photo Inga Knölke 1998