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Chairs And Fireworks | Helmrinderknecht | 2009

Statement chairs: new series
Respect cheap furniture
The Monoblock plastic chair is actually a good design, cheap, democratic, technically logical, useful and resistent, but with a very bad reputation. Monoblock plastic chair with the statement: Respect cheap furniture!

27 kg copper in the form of a chair
Copper is a material that can be fully and infinite recycled without loosing any of its qualities. Allowing any object or element made of copper to change shape, typology or context, being then, a chair made of copper, not only a chair but also a possibility of becoming another object. Copper chair with the statement: 27 kg Cu!

Centaurus chair
Designed chairs are usually identified with the author, the centaurus chair tries to bring chair and designer as closer as possible, being the designer eventually a phisical part of the chair. Then subject and object become one. Wood chair with platform allowing a person standing as a part of the chair and with the statement: Designer chair!

Fireworks with designed shapes to celebrate the domestication of space, the flying cars, the consolidation of ex -design and the opening of Helmrinderknecht contemporary design gallery in Berlin.

Photo Inga Knölke 2009