Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes
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2017 Digital Food in the Food Revolution 5.0. MKG Hamburg
  Ghost Anthology + Still Life from the Future, Galleria Corraini. Mantova
  Ghost Publishers, Corraini Space. Torino
  IBSM, Mantova
  DS20Y17', Barcelona
2016 Flashpoint Pie, Taipei
  Fake Food Park, Melbourne
  Phosphor Candle, 4712 group exhibit, Hannover
2015 After Wearing, Pratt Manhattan, NY
2014 La guerra che verrà non è la prima at MART, Rovereto
  GUIXE3 Event, Exhibit, Essay, Milan
  Macha BAR W.A.R.
2013 Embedded Drinks
  Tonic Death Diet
  Transition Menu, Rovereto
2012 Still life with light, Vienna
  Tied Tizio, Gdansk
  Business Lunch, Sydney
2011 Visual Farming in Museum of Graphic Design, Breda
  Dream Factories at Museo del Design della Triennale, Milan
2010 Park Life, Espai Zero1, Olot
2009 MEALING, Performa09, New York
  PARK LIFE, Centre d'Art la Panera, Lleida
  Chairs and Fireworks, HELMRINDERKNECHT Contemporary Design, Berlin
  Forever Bau-Haus, MARTa Herford
2008 Claska Room 00, Tokyo
  Sculpt Me Point, Amsterdam
  Pfic BAR, Torino
  Open-end, Grand-Hornu
2007 Ex-designer, Barcelona
  Designing Critical Design, Hasselt
  Food Furniture, Milano
  Spray Guns, Trieste
  Museum Guixe in Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève
  Canvas Furniture in Design Tide, Tokyo
  Guixe, 10 years Food Design in Singapure
2006 V.O.L.S. V I C
  GAT FOG spazio LIMA, Milano
  By Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro
  Ex-designer, Marti Guixe, Advanced design from Spain
2005 Display at LONDON Design Museum
  Taping at Wrappinghood, Middlesbrought
  Museum Guixe at Magasin3 Projects, Stockholm
2004 4a Biennal d'Art Leandre Cristòfol. Lleida
  Lima skip furniture
  Gat Fog Party at Casco
2003 1:1 Lima-Milano
  context free mudac
2002 Mptree Paris
  Mptree Barcelona
2001 Hibye
  Food work
2000 H2000O
  Food Tags
  at Krizia
  do Create
1999 Fzodne
  www Camper
  Pharma Food
  Coleur Locale
1998 Fish Futures
  Berlin SSK - SBW
1997 Spamt
  Spamt + techno-tapas bar
  A B C D E F Grill party

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