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Martí Guixé: Park Life exhibit
From October 1st 2009 to January 6th 2010.

Centre d'Art la Panera
Pl. de la Panera, 2
25002 Lleida

Presentation of the macro project "Park Life". In progress since 2003, it has been exhibited in parts in MARTa Herford, (2009), Grand-Hornu, Belgium (2008), Fondazione Pomodoro, Milano (2008) and Mudac, Lausanne (2003). For the Centre d'Art la Panera new pieces will be co-produced in collaboration with Espai Zero01, Olot, where the project will be presented later in January 2010.

la panera park life

COMING PROJECTS | Lleida, Berlin, Valencia

hidromel factory guixe Helmrinderkneck gat fog party guixe

Park Life 013: Hidromel Factory. Production of 50 bottles of Hidromel (mead), inside the Centre d'Art la Panera in the context of Park Llife exhibit.

New Pieces showing at HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery, Berlin.
At the end of September.

Gat Fog
The Gin and Tonic FOG installation in the Bombay Design Circuit.

Next performance: VALENCIA



gin tonic fog bilbao guixe camper madison NY guixe saporiti neat seat manica nuoro guixe ceramic fired monobloc house guixe

Gat Fog
The Gin and Tonic FOG installation in the Bombay Design Circuit, Bilbao.

Camper Madison Av. New York
Redesign of the succesful Camper Walk in progress shop.
In collaboration with Studio Camper.

The Saporiti net seat done for MANica in Nuoro and presented at Inside ART 09 at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Monoblock ceramic burned house.
Presented by Edizioni Corraini, Milano and featured by Axis Magazine vol 140, Japan.

Copyright © by Martí Guixé. All rights reserved
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