Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes | NEWSLETTER 08

Martí Guixé: MEALING
November 14th.
New York


Mealing is a relational meal performance.
The statements help you to create connections, interact and relate to the other participants.
Mealing is an ex - futuristic banquet.


COMING PROJECTS | NY, Milano, Mantova, Lausanne, Helsinki, Amsterdam


Saporiti Hub Terrace
New open-air space on top of Saporiti HUB in Besnate, Milano.

Food Book
Corraini Edizioni

Food Design Workshop at ECAL MAS-Luxe and in collaboration with Nestlé's research center on chocolate. Lausanne.

Lecture in Ravistettava-Omskakas Seminar in Helsinki, 20th of October.

Lecture on Food Design in the Grafischpapierhier seminar, Amsterdam the 21st of November

RECENT PROJECTS | Milano, Berlin, Lleida, Shanghai, Barcelona

Moleskine Artist's Cover Collection: Martí Guixé.


New Pieces showing at HELMRINDERKNECHT Contemporary Design Gallery, Berlin.

Park Life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport. Till January 6th, 2010. Centre d'Art la Panera. Lleida.

Shanghai Contemporary Saporiti VIP lounge in the Shanghai Contemporay Art Fair 2009.

Imaginarium l'illa
200 m2 Imaginarium shop in the center of Barcelona. l'Illa diagonal.

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08 Newsletter October 2009
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