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These notes I write for the newsletter are subject to just three conditions: length; allusion however indirect to Guixé’s work; and the avoidance of excessively exuberant praise. We’ve never spoken about it, but it’s clear: there is nothing worse than embarrassing a colleague by misplaced encomium, which apart from having lost meaning in an age of undissimulated hype, effectively turns its author into a source of embarrassment too.
Or does it? In a recent study of laudatory exchanges between French intellectuals, Eleanor Kaufman finds virtue in the intense thought processes that drive excessive praise, identifying such interchange as a type of “intellectual hospitality”. In doing so she defends the (Derridian) idea that “the relationship of hospitality is more firmly predicated on the indistinguishability between guest and host and the possibility of encountering an unknown entity”. Thus the generous exchange of words, like generous actions, can play out further than reciprocal gift-giving, which can only end with a simple thank-you.
Elsewhere I identified Guixé’s practice with that of the host, a role many creators have assumed as the persona closest to contemporary creative practice. The host elaborates a space of social interchange based on convened encodings, crafts the details and arranges the seating, as it were, paying particular attention to the receptor. In Guixé’s case this also means the deft use of the tools of conventional hospitality: food, drink,
a friendly environment, staff behaviour. The only thing missing—so far—is accommodation.
Now that he returns to La Sala Vinçon we recall his first Vinçon show in 1997, where the Spamt Factory was presented performatively. A show that set off his reflection on the design of hospitable environments where,
as the line between the hosting auteur and the invited other is blurred, the unexpected might occur.
Jeffrey Swartz

OPENING | Barcelona


F.O.S.C. opening at La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona
Passeig de Gràcia, 96,




COMING PROJECTS | Milan, Miami, Barcelona


Estrella Damm glass design for export

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R &D book will be presented at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012 by Corraini Edizioni



RECENT PROJECTS | Barcelona / Helsinki


Guixé / Melasniemi beyond Hospitality




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