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An Awkward Manifesto about Social Change and the Present State of Affairs. (Firsts Notes)

79. A world with the idea of a better future might not be a better world to live in.

110. DP identity was a noun related to “what you are”, DwP is an action“the who you are in the process of becoming”.


73. DP battled against uncertainty, DwP expands only in volatile environments.

122. The Modern was ruled by the ideal of perfectibility, but nowadays it has become an unsustainable premise for social action.

80.DP was ruled and transmitted by intentional agents, DwP bends in the cool breeze.


158. DP managed the programmed obsolescence of modernity through rehabilitation and restyling but in the here and now DwP dis-habilitates anticipated obsolescence.

98. Perfectibility burns the future, the technoculture of sustainability sits in the cold waiting room.

94. Authority was always the origin of old design projects (DP), DwP has no authors just predators.


90. DP political acts were based on matters of fact. DwP politics are about matters of concern.

100. The Design Project (DP) was to coexistence what Design without Project (DwP) has become for survival.

71. DP processes ended up with new forms, while DwP sets up cognitive traps.


138. DP was a weapon to control the proletarian workforce, DwP is a device for the re-appropriation of the stolen creativity of the cognitariat.

149. DP used to talk the language of filiation (conception, development) but DwP talks the language of alliance (transversality, contamination, epidemics).

208. The common use of “target” and “strategy” on DP evidences a direct relationship with the imaginary of War. DwP talks the language of trickery and diplomacy (“double agency”, “hidden agendas”, “Trojan Horses”).


DP aimed to transform the world, DwP wishes to be entirely transformed by it.


AWARD | Helsinki

Solar Kitchen Restaurant
Innovative Media Prize and Special Prize for Innovative Marketing

at Vuoden Huiput Awards Finland

COMING PROJECTS | Brussels, Vienna, Helsinki, Ahrenshoop, São Paulo, UK, Barcelona, Madrid


Sculpt-me Point
Festival Kanal, Brussels


Park Life #013 Hidromel Factory
The Cuckoo Syndrome
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna

Still Life with Light Vienna Design Week. Sotheby's, Palais Wilczek, Vienna

Food Design lecture in Hospitality & Beyond
Kellohalli, Työpajankatu 2 rak. 1, 00580 Helsinki


Lecture at the workshop "Jewellery Hyperreal", Ahrenshoop


Pinóquio: uma Bela Arte!” to be held in SESC Belenzinho, São
Paulo, Brazil

Beer Tap for UK
Estrella Damm

Vermut label
Morro Fi, Barcelona

Camper Poster shop, Madrid


RECENT PROJECTS | Gdansk, Edinhoven


Tied Tizio
Alternativa 2012.
Wyspa Institue of Art, Gdansk

Martí Guixé: Food Design at
Food Culture: Eating by Design
Designhuis Stadhuisplein 3, Eindhoven


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19 Newsletter July 2012
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