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Design does not exist.
Perhaps paraphrasing Francesc Tosquelles and his “the unconscious does not exist, it insists”, Gilles Deleuze in The Logic of Sense (Logique du sense) maintains that only the present exists, while the past and the future insist on time. It is in this non-existence that we must place the insistences of design. The radical separation between conception and realisation gives a strange temporality to the practice of design. We say “design” instead of “we will design” or “we have to design”, and never meaning “we are designing”
It is production and construction, then conception, thinking-out, projection and execution that updates design, and brings it into the present. When design exists in the here and now, it no longer insists.
Is it possible, then, to archive, collect and exhibit design? While works of art depend on being archived in order to exist; when design is turned into an object, it loses its future and, therefore, its insistence. There is no design in such a state of affairs; design only exists when it has a future.
It is in this sense that the group of techno-cultural devices we know as rapid prototyping can, perhaps, be considered the most powerful tool against design.
Octavi Rofes, 2013


COMING PROJECTS | Copenhagen, Milan, UK, Cape Town


Camper Postcard shop

Transition Menu book
Corraini Edizioni

Pack collection UK
Estrella Damm

Design Indaba Conference 2013,
Cape Town
27.02 - 01.03.2013



RECENT PROJECTS | Helsinki, Kraków, Istanbul, Barcelona, Belgium, Rovereto, Milan, Madrid


The Trojan Bar
Bar in the Bar for
Antto Melasniemi.

Camper Poster shop Kraków

Camper Speaking shop
Mitja Vida bar lighting


For money
cultuurcentrum t'Vondel
Halle, Belgium

Transition Menu part of "The Food Project. The Shape of Taste" exhibiton Mart, Rovereto

Cake Book
Corraini Edizioni
In ARCO at La Tache

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