Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes | NEWSLETTER 28
COMING PROJECTS | Istambul, Milan

Beyond Kitchens
Lecture in 2D1 Kitchen 2D1 Design Meetings Istambul
Friday 24th October

Design Workshop
Politecnico di Milano
November, 24th to 28th





RECENT PROJECTS | Paris, Madrid,
Rovereto, San Giorgio di Perlena.


Camper SET shop
Francs Bourgeois,

MUTA bar-restaurant
Ponzano 12, Madrid

La guerra che verrà non è la prima
Grande guerra
1914 – 2014
Exhibition display
Mart, Rovereto


Jagged glass collection
Massimo Lunardon
San Giorgio di Perlena

Ghost rug
of Nanimarquina at
afghan made carpets

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28 Newsletter October 2014
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