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Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant | Kalasatama Eteläkärki, Helsinki | 4.8 to 14.8.2011
Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant | Museo del Design della Triennale | Milan | 12.4 to 17.4.2011

It is well known that solar kitchens use alternative energy: the sun. Yet it is not so widely known how the technical parameters of the solar kitchen affect food processing when cooking. Heat is all over the food, and is not only below as in the traditional way of cooking. The time sequence is much more progressive, changing continuously. These two facts affect the taste and texture of prepared food in a surprising and positive way, bringing about a completely different tasting experience. The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant also plays with several contemporary factors; it is a nature-driven kitchen featuring flexibility and immediacy.

Nature-driven: No sun, no food: not true. We will also serve salads and whatever can be prepared without sunlight, but with bright light and mild temperatures. We thus need to test people?s flexibility; if it rains, we have to learn to be flexible, adapt, reschedule and deal with delays, subject to nature. Of course information in real time is important. A cloud could ruin a business lunch. Immediacy in information, decisions and movements. The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant is a business model that tries to rethink the perception of the kitchen, of cooking, and of food, and all of these in relation to nature in 2011.

Arquitecture FAD international Prize 2014 / Innovative Media Prize and Special Prize for Innovative Marketing at Vuoden Huiput Awards Finland 2011