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The Trojan BAR | Kellohalli | Helsinki | 2012

The Trojan Bar is a transportable big wooden box with the dimensions of 180x73x118 cm that reveals at a certain moment, with mechanisms, lights and shelves which expand to provide full functionality as a micro-bar, more exactly as a Bar in the bar, or bar in the restaurant. The Trojan Bar comes from a commission of the Finnish chef Antto Melasniemi in the frame of to design a kind of transportable element to put into restaurants or bars, temporary or permanent, providing a kind of parasite alternative to the context in which is embedded. This "Barschrank" intend to be a kind of silent box, like the Trojan horse, which in a certain relevant moment unfolds to act as a bar.

From the series Schrank; Fahrradschrank 2011, Barschrank 2012