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3D Printed Ceramics | Ex-Designer Project Bar | Barcelona

During the last four years of 3D printing to create the entirety of our space the Ex-Designer Project Bar and all of its utensils, we’ve faced hundreds of challenges. Among the most complicated objects to create by 3D printing are stools and glasses. Cups and glasses for beverages, which are printed in transparent, food-grade PLA, have various weaknesses: a number of glasses leak, as printing can leave weak areas which allow liquids to escape. They must be washed by hand, and at lower temperatures than regular glasses. If put in the dishwasher or washed at too hot temperature, they deform. In any case, extended use degrades the material as PLA, which has a corn base, is biodegradable. Lipstick is perhaps our worst enemy, as it leaves a mark that is impossible to wipe away. As a first recourse, we made copies of the original plastic glasses in sandblasted glass. This solved part of the problem, and these glasses are used by regular clients, but although they are visually identical, they remain copies, and when drunk from are noticeably made of glass. A year ago, in collaboration with Coudre, we devised the idea to make a series of glasses and bowls in 3D-printed ceramic or stoneware. Following a number of test series, we produced this first line of stone and ceramic printed tableware in a range of tones, which allows us to continue with the concept of 3D printing the entire space, but with the strength and resilience of conventional utensils. These cups and bowls can be tried, tested and purchased at Ex-Designer Project Bar.

Photo Inga Knölke 2020